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Virus Removal Service

There is so much enjoyable stuff out there over the internet, yet there are tons of infections and malware that you could acquire as you surf along. Some, like Adware that produces popups are quite annoying. Others like Rootkits and Trojan Viruses can in fact enter and affect critical system files like the registry. Know matter what the problem, WCS Virus Removal will help you eliminate it.


How you picked up the computer virus?

Computer Viruses

Could be from running an unsafe attachment from an e-mail or surfing a hacked website. It doesn’t matter how it got there, but you absolutely need to get rid of it. A virus removal expert will help you identify and destroy the Virus/malware attacking your Computer. WCS will Get your computer running in great form and help to safegaurd your home against the always present threat of cyber-terrorist and hijackers.


Virus Symptoms:

Here are a few indicators that your computer or laptop may be infected with a virus:

    Virus Detection service

  • Your computer runs more slowly than normal
  • Your computer stops responding or locks up often
  • Your computer crashes and restarts every few minutes
  • Your computer restarts on its own and then fails to run normally
  • Applications on your computer don’t work correctly
  • Disks or disk drives are inaccessible
  • You can’t print correctly
  • You see unusual error messages
  • You see distorted menus and dialog boxes


Why Free Virus Removal Services Often Don’t Work

We’ve all seen services promising to remove Malware, Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, etc for free but is free better than paying, right? Not necessarily. What if it doesn’t work? Free services rarely offer guarantees and vastly under deliver on their promises. Most likely it is criminals placing bad applications on your computer. You can’t be sure can you?
Virus Removal can be really tricky, and going with a proven company that you trust is important. Westford Computer has been helping people just like you since 2010. We understand that you shouldn’t have to be a computer expert just to enjoy technology, and our Technology Experts ensure that all of the necessary steps to remove a virus are taken.


How Does Our Comprehensive Virus Removal Work?

If you’re asking, What’s it going to take to fix my computer?” We have answers.

First, to fix your computer, you have to know what kind of problem you have and if you need a hardware computer fix or a technician skilled in virus removal. This means either being able to describe your problem, doing some research on it, or leaving it up to our computer repair pros to diagnose the disorder, which they can accomplish fast.
Virus Removal Service
Second, assuming you need virus removal or some other service to fix your computer, you need to contact our computer repair technicians and arrange for an immediate appointment.
Third, to answer the question -“How does Westford Computer remove the virus from my computer?”- you need to know a little something about virus removal programs and how they function, you can read the following PDF files to better educate yourself.


If you don’t have a PDF reader you can CLICK HERE to download a free one that I personally use.

PC Overhaul 10-Step Virus Removal Process

8 Keys to Internet Security

Virus Myths


Virus Removal Service

The basic package rids out all viruses, malware, adware, and spyware. Your system will be free of infections and normal operation will be restored.


Complete Virus Removal w/ Tune-Up & Optimization



It is the customer’s responsibility to back up important data! WCS takes pride and care in securing your data. However, due to any hardware failures, viruses, and pre-existing problems… WCS cannot be held liable for any losses, physical or perceived.
We do have a Back-up service if you want us to do it for you.


Virus Removal


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