crashed hard drive

Are you seening any of these errors?

“System Disk Error” on startup
“No Boot Device Found” on startup
“Smart Drive Error” on startup
“Disk Read Error on startup
“Boot Disk Error”
“Drive Error”
You have received the “Blue Screen of Death” error screen
Hard drive makes clicking sounds or loud noises
System locks up when booting, but sometimes starts
When you open or save a file, and it takes a long time or you get an error message.


Different Hard Drive Brands


This is one of the most important, yet also one of the most neglected areas of computing.
Routinely backing up your data


Something interesting to think about is how long data will last, because as everyone knows, nothing is forever. Many times when a computer hard drive fails, it does so without warning. A production-use hard disk usually has a life span of 3 to 5 years. Some last longer, but trust me there is a reason why most hard drive manufacturers usually do not have hardware warranties that go beyond 5 years.

burning hard drive

10 early warning symptoms of hard drive failure

  • You hear high-pitched whining, loud clicking or grinding noises coming from the drive
  • Error message: boot drive or device not found or drive cannot be accessed
  • Errors: Operating system not found or Missing Operating System
  • You see the infamous “Blue Screen of Death”, repeatedly
  • Accessing, opening, or saving files are Painfully slow
  • Your system keeps having frequent freezes or hang ups
  • Error message: hard drive is not formatted
  • Your computer keeps re-booting on its own
  • The computer locks up during booting
  • You are Missing Files


Hard Drive Installation Service for Laptop or Desktop
Hard Drive Installation with Clone of existing Drive
Hard Drive Installation with OS Install


Also see our, Hard Drive Data Recovery and Hard Drive Data Backup services.

It is you the customer who is responsibility for backing up important data!
Due to any hardware failures, viruses, and pre-existing problems… WCS cannot be held liable for any losses, physical or perceived.


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