Computer Tune Up

Is it taking longer for your computer to start up or shut down? 
Do you have to restart your computer because of lockups?
Are you receiving error messages?
Does your computer act sluggish or seem to run very slowly?
Are your programs not responding or crashing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you probably need a computer tune up.


Overtime your computer can get bogged down with registry errors, fragmented hard drives, operating system errors, random temporary files and even Malware.
Computers, like cars, require regular routine maintenance.

Completing regular Computer Tune Up’s you’re actively protecting your computer investment, your sensitive computer files, your priceless photos and at the same time removing your worries regarding your computer breaking.

System Tune-up & Optimization

Our computer optimization service includes a battery of system tweaks that will shorten your computer’s boot time, delete unwanted files and remove unnecessary background processes. Our technician will bring your system up to speed with the most recent updates to guard against security threats.


WCS offers two tune up services to keep your computer running at peek performance.

Basic tune up is great for keeping your system clean and snappy and up to date.
Premium tune up will have your computer “Geeked Out” the way our we have our personal systems running including installation of the best free software applications available today.


Computer Tune Up (Basic)

    computer tune-up basic

  • Test Hard Drive
  • Update Operating System
  • Configure Update Services
  • Configure Firewall
  • Empty Temporary Internet Files
  • Optimize System Registry
  • De-fragment Hard Drive
  • Optimize Boot Performance
  • Optimize system Restore
  • Update Antivirus Definitions
  • Scan For Viruses/Malware/Spyware/Adware
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Computer Tune Up (Ultimate)

  • Includes all from Basic
  • Update Graphics Card
  • Install new Antivirus if needed
  • Adjust Virtual Memory
  • Top Free Software Applications Install
  • ultimate pc tune up

  • Update Service-packs
  • Clean inside and outside of computer
  • Check Hard Drive For Errors
  • Remove Unnecessary Start Up Items
  • Remove Unnecessary Or No Longer Used Programs
  • Update All Software
  • Complete Hardware Diagnostic
  • Update All drivers
  • Optimize Operating System
  • Optimize All Hardware
  • Optimize Windows Services
  • De-fragment Registry
  • Memory stress test
  • Virus/Malware/Spyware Removal Service
  • FREE Malwarebytes Pro installed and configured($50 Value)
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Computer Tune up


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